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 All of our hats are hand crafted in our home based studio on the Australian East Coast by local artisan hat maker, Jack Savage.
Inspired by a love of Nature and connection to Spirit, Jack strives to create unique, one of a kind pieces that tell a story and speak to the Wild within.
Using only the finest quality materials available, Jack employs traditional hat making tools and techniques to make each hat in the same way hat makers did over 100 years ago.
Felts are first chosen by colour and quality, then steamed, placed over wooden blocks and ironed to give them their basic form. The fur felt is then sanded and brushed to a soft smooth finish, while the crown is steamed and hand shaped to give the hat its distinctive style. Brims are measured and cut to the desired length, and soft leather sweatbands are sewn in by hand for comfort and support. Finally the hats are finished with an assortment of ribbons, trims, trinkets and feathers to give each one its own unique look and feel.
In a world full of homogenisation, mass produced carbon copies and throw away fashion, Jack seeks to create quality works of lasting value that will stand the test of time and serve to express the unique spirit of the people who wear them.
"Its amazing how a hat can transform a person's look and create an aura of style, intrigue and mystery. I make hats that tell a story, not just of themselves but of the one who wears them, and while each story is unique the message remains the same.. My hats whisper, "Look at me, I'm different..", and shout, "I am Wild.. I am Free!" - Jack Savage