Hat Care



H A T  C A R E


Storing your Hat

Always use a hat box, hat rack or hang your hat on a hook when not in use.

To avoid warping the brim never rest your hat on an uneven surface, especially when wet.

Never leave your hat in a car in direct sunlight or in a hot confined space as it can lead to shrinking and warping of the brim.



Dust and dirt may be removed by brushing the hat with a stiff brush in a counter-clockwise motion.

Small marks and stains can be removed with a fine grit (400-600) sand paper.

Grease and water stains can be absorbed by sprinkling cornstarch on the affected area and then brushed clean.

For lint, fluff and hair, use a sticky tape to dab and remove the unwanted debris.


Drying a Wet Hat

Hang the hat on a rack or hook and allow to dry naturally. Do not use heat to speed drying process as hat may warp or shrink.