Devotion Ring #2
Devotion Ring #2
Devotion Ring #2
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Devotion Ring #2

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Stunning piece of HIGH GRADE ROYSTON TURQUOISE carefully wrapped with 2mm thick round sterling silver wire. This devotion ring was created with the intention of giving back to YOU. The U represents YOU. This particular ring was made for the women who need to spend more time in nature. To take that walk outside, to feel mother earth beneath her feet. When wearing this earthly creation, she should remind you on the importance of self love, the importance to take that time you need for YOU. High gloss finish the colours are a deep forest green with a golden mustard matrix.

MATERIALS: The metal used is reclaimed sterling silver 9.25 with a 3 prong wide ring shank. Stone is a High Grade Royston Turquoise.

MEASUREMENTS: Body of the ring measures 2.2cm long at its highest point, 1.2cm wide at its widest and the band measures .6cm wide


*Please note that wide bands tend to fit a bit more snug, usually by about ¼-1/2 size. This ring can be sized up 1 size if needed. The band will have a slight hammered effect from the sizing up but will be equally as beautiful. Please send an email after ordering with your request if you would like sized up.

Note to Buyers:
All of the items in my collections are handmade and hand finished. It is because of this fact, that no two items are exactly alike or “perfect.” All handmade items will have natural imperfections, which I think, helps to create their very own character. It is these slight imperfections that give handcrafted items their soulful feel and energy. Its something that is created when crafting something with your very own hands. It's not for everyone...but I like a little character in each and every piece I make. 

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